Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Shutdown

This government shutdown has stirred up a lot of disappoint in me.
  • I am disappointed that elected officials (Democrats, Republicans, etc.) have forgotten that they work for U.S. citizens They no longer have our best interest at heart.
  • I am disappointed that we the people, myself included, do nothing but sit back and let them run the show. Sure, we rant and complain on Facebook, but what good does that do? Whatever happened to people like those who were involved in the march on Washington? Whatever happened to people like Dr. King--people who were not afraid to die in order to make the world a better place? I am blaming myself, too. Why are we not proactive and brave?
  • I am disappointed in people who spout inaccurate information without doing the first bit of research. We are lucky to have the Internet with its unlimited information at our fingertips. Use it!
  • I am disappointed in people who abuse government assistance. While some will be angry if their government aid is delayed, it should be a lesson learned that these resources may not always be available and people should take care of themselves.
Speaking of government assistance, I realize that some people need and deserve it, and I do not begrudge them the opportunity, but that does not apply to so many others.
  • When did it not become an embarrassment? People used to be ashamed to need a handout from the government, when did that change?
  • Why should my tax dollars assist those who are fully capable of working? I know many people who receive assistance, and are capable of working, but they don't. Our assistance programs need to be reformed. Everyone needs help getting on their feet sometime, but people should not use the government permanently in order to supplement their income.
  • I think people have forgotten how to prioritize. We view comforts as necessity. We have to have television, computers, Internet, cell phones, IPods, etc., and we can pay for that, but we need the government to pay for our food because we have no money.
  • Do I think it will be easy to REFORM government assistance? No! Is there truly a right answer? Probably not. Does that mean we should not try? Definitely not. I simply think that there has to be a better way.
So it seems that the shutdown has not only stirred up a lot of disappointment in me, but a lot of questions, as well. Besides praying to the Lord above, what can we do as citizens to better our country?

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